Introducing the AIC24

The Asperitas AIC24 is at the centre of Immersed Computing®. It is a closed system and the first water-cooled oil-immersion system which relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid. This results in a fully self-contained and plug and play modular system. The AIC24 needs far less infrastructure than any other liquid installation, saving energy and costs on all levels of cloud, HPC, enterprise and edge datacentre operations.

The AIC24 is the most sustainable solution available for IT environments today. Ensuring the highest possible efficiency in availability, energy reduction and reuse, while increasing capacity. Greatly improving density, while saving energy at the same time.

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Immersed Computing®

Immersed Computing® is a concept driven by sustainability, efficiency and flexibility and goes far beyond just technology. It embraces the most efficient model for operating IT, Total Liquid Cooling, which reduces the energy footprint of IT alone with 10-45% by eliminating fan energy. It allows for warm water cooling which provides even more energy savings on cooling installations.

Immersed Computing® includes an optimised way of work, highly effective deployment, flexible choice of IT and drastic simplification of datacentre design. Offering great advantages on all levels of any datacentre value chain, Immersed Computing realises maximum results in Cloud, Private and Edge environments.

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Designed for reliability

The AIC24 is designed to ensure the highest possible continuity for your IT. Total immersion ensures no oxygen gets in touch with the IT components, preventing oxidation. Thermal shock is greatly reduced due to the high heat capacity of liquid. The immersed environment only has minor temperature fluctuations, greatly reducing stress by thermal expansion on micro electronics. These factors eliminate the root cause for most of the physical degradation of micro electronics over time.

Engineered for usability

The AIC24 is designed with a strong focus on usability. Immersion requires a different approach compared to traditional air-based operation. All aspects of Immersed Computing® are fully addressed with the Asperitas portfolio.
  • Liquid and thermal containment
    • A double, sealed and insulated hull provides an optimal safeguard against leakage and additional heat.
    • The cold shell eliminates the need for HVAC systems.
    • An automated safety system protects the IT and safeguards the datacentre from leakage.
  • Easy access
    • Automatic opening and closing cover for easy and clean access to IT.
    • All serviceable cabling is dry and above the oil.
    • Quick connect fittings for oil polishing.
    • Service sockets for powering the service trolley.
  • Clean operation with the Service Trolley
    • Automatic lifting of cassettes for placement and removal of cassettes without interaction with the oil.
    • Service stand for clean servicing of individual servers.
    • Transport capability for 12 cassettes, 8 switches or 2 convection drives.
    • Integrated consumables which are specialised for operating wet equipment.
    • Integrated leak protection like trays, sump and drain.
    • Integrated oil polishing system.
    • ESD safe.

Flexible deployment

Plug & Play
The AIC24 is Plug-And-Play. A single module requires only power, access to a water loop and data connectivity to operate. Combined with its silent workings, these limited requirements enable high flexibility in deployment sites and scenarios for the AIC24.

Stackable & modular
A single water loop can be shared across multiple modules and modules can be placed back-to-back and side-to-side. Since there is no air required for the system to operate, large rows of interconnected systems can be placed in relatively small spaces.

New datacentre sites
The AIC24 allows datacentres to go to places which were inaccessible before. Whether it is an expansion of the existing datacentre space, inside an office building or closer to the edge of the network like a rural area. This opens up possibilities to integrate IT into other industrial processes to address the global need for energy efficiency.

whitepaper Datacentre of the Future

Created to save

In many situations, Immersed Computing® can save more than 50% of the total energy footprint. By using immersion, 10-45% of IT energy is reduced due to the lack of fans, while other energy consumers like cooling installations can achieve upto 95% energy reduction.

In addition to these energy savings, the AIC24 generates savings on all levels of a datacentre enterprise, using less energy and leaving more budget to compute.

Datacentre Build Reduced floorspace Compared to an average air cooled cloud datacentre, the AIC24 can facilitate 5-10 times as much density.
  No raised floors Raised floors and isle separation schemes are no longer required.
Flexible deployment The physical location of the datacentre becomes less challenging with the AIC24. Since there is no noise, datacentres can be built closer to the edge. 
Datacentre Facilities Smaller cooling installations The minimized cooling requirements of the AIC24 result in smaller, simplified and cheaper cooling installations.
  Minimised power systems The emergency no-break power systems can be minimised to the lower power requirements for IT and cooling systems.
Datacentre Operations Less IT failures Immersed Computing eliminates the root cause of most electronic component failures.
  Reduced facility maintenance Downsized cooling and power requirements also reduce the amount of maintenance on these systems.
IT Hardware Less IT, more IT power The loading of a single immersed server can be sized to replace 3 or more air cooled servers.
Software Reduced OS and CPU licenses Because of the smaller number of physical servers, there are less OS or CPU licenses required.

Automated safety and monitoring

The AIC24 is fully protected with integrated monitoring and control systems.

  • Oil level sensors monitor the optimal oil level for natural convection circulation.
  • Temperature sensors in strategic positions are used to optimise cooling capacity and protect against overheating.
  • Automated valves control the water flow to the convection drives.
  • Flow and temperature sensors monitor the cooling water supply and incoming and outgoing temperatures.
  • Overheating Protection powers down the PDUs in case of cooling failure and overheating.
  • Alerts are sent out in case of fault conditions.
  • Light projections on the floor show health status of the safety and control system.
  • Data logging is enabled to keep track of performance and health over time.


  • Plug & Play The AIC24 has only basic infrastructure requirements: water, power and data, and can be set up anywhere.
    • Power: 3-phase 400V/32A single/redundant.
    • Water: 0,6 kg/sec.
    • Data: Any copper based backbone cable.
  • Compatible footprint The AIC24 is designed to be compatible with existing raised data floors.
    • Footprint: 1200×600 mm or 2 data floor tiles.
    • Weight: Max 18 kN/m2  (static load).
    • Total dimensions: 1200x720x1500/2800 mm (lid closed and opened).
  • Integrated PDUs Each immersed IT component is powered by manageable and metered PDUs. Each outlet can be managed and controlled separately by built-in Schleifenbauer controllers.
  • Convection Drives® Two specially designed Convection Drives for forced water and natural flow of oil, are capable of transferring 24 kW of heat from the oil while keeping all the IT components at allowable operating temperatures.
  • Maximised IT capacity The Asperitas Universal Cassette can contain multiple physical servers. Each module accommodates 24 AUC’s, as well as 2 Universal Switching Cassettes. This currently adds up to 48 immersed servers and 2 immersed switches.
  • Dielectric Liquid The liquid used is medicinal quality oil and is the same product as vaseline, although with a different viscosity. It is commonly used in household materials, medicines and lubricants. Medicinal oils are manufactured by all oil companies and brands can be mixed and exchanged freely.

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