Why we support the student team in the MIT Solve competition


– by Maikel Bouricius, Marketing Manager Asperitas

Last week only we got to know a group of engineering students from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. They have been working on an assignment, given to them by Tebodin and ourselves to develop innovative concepts for heat reuse, heat produced by datacentres and made available on high temperatures by making use of the immersed computing concept of Asperitas. We were surprised with the ideas and ambition the students showed us. Some real innovative concepts were presented. We thought it would be nice to reward the most innovative concept with a prize: access to the Energy Smart conference by Datacenter Dynamics, later this year. They will be guests of the DCD and us for this event.

SOLVE competition

This week we came across the MIT Solve competition, and we thought this might the right opportunity for this bright bunch. We presented the challenge to them, and they took it with full force enthusiasm.

We promised them two things if they would decide to participate in this great challenge and competition:

  1. Facilities, they can make use of the Asperitas HQ to work on their proposal, and if they make it to the next round for other activities.
  2. Communication support, we support them with our communication team to bring attention to their concept, and create support they need to catch the attention.

So they did respond right away, last Friday they worked in our HQ on their submission till late evening, right in time for the deadline. We are very proud they managed to do this and quite impressed with their attitude.

The whole involvement with the students has been great for us so far. I will explain below why we think it is important to support those youngsters in this and why we will keep on working with students in the future.

  1. We believe a passion for engineering can solve problems and make the world a better place.
  2. We believe this passion should be cherished, and supported to keep it going.
  3. We know support can make a difference, we have experienced it in all our phases of development.
  4. We love to go for opportunities and moonshot ideas, it brings us inspiration and energy to experience how this process works with very young people.
  5. They generate some real good ideas, which should be shared.

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