Why we are running for an Accenture Innovation Award


Since our launch we have been honored with several award nominations by datacentre, cloud and cleantech industry organisations.  This time it is a different kind of competition, in terms of scale and type. The annual Accenture Innovation Awards is a year round program to connect innovators involving more than 276 organisations with innovations on different themes in this year’s edition.

We are running within two theme categories:

1 Clean and Affordable Energy – How can we guarantee clean energy for future generations?

2 Circular Economy – How can we add value efficiently without adding waste?

So how come we are running within those two categories with the innovation we have launched, Immersed Computing®, a solution for cloud providers and datacentres? Our mission is to green the datacentre industry and the benefits of Immersed Computing® are going beyond efficiency alone.

Datacentres are not only consuming loads of energy but also wasting the warm air which they do produce. The datacentre industry is one of the fastest growing industries and is having a similar energy footprint as air travel does today.

While developing Immersed Computing® and the technology there were three main drivers: sustainability, flexibility and efficiency.

We believe in efficiency of all layers of a datacentre from the building up to the cloud application. We believe in creating datacentres where they are needed and doing so in a modular way and we believe in transforming datacentres into prosumers instead of heavy consumers of energy. Immersed Computing® is making this possible, it is enabling energy efficient datacentres independently of the environmental regional climate. With Immersed Computing® we can bring a new level of opportunity to develop attractive and realistic scenarios for heat reuse on a large scale.

So at first sight the two categories may look like an odd fit with us, for an outsider, but actually we believe we can contribute to both global themes.

Our first solution, the AIC24, is the most sustainable solution available for IT environments today. Ensuring the highest possible efficiency in availability, energy reduction and reuse, while increasing capacity. Greatly improving density, while saving energy at the same time.

Let’s add up some of the green benefits of Immersed Computing® :

1 Energy reduction of IT – Fans are eliminated from servers and by doing this the energy footprint of IT alone is being reduced with 10-45%.

2 Energy reduction of cooling installations – Immersed Computing® requires very limited additional cooling, a reduction of 95% is possible. The total energy footprint reduction of a datacentre could add up to 50%.

3 Less IT, more IT power – The loading of a single immersed server can be sized to replace 3 or more air cooled servers. The floorspace of one AIC24 could replace 5-10 air chilled racks.

4 Heat reuse – Immersed Computing® allows for warm water cooling, with an inlet temperature of upto 40 degrees Celsius. Meaning a datacentre on Immersed Computing® could supply warm water of around 50 degrees Celsius in that case. We are testing with even higher temperatures at the moment. Districts of cities could be heated with the heat datacenters could supply.

5 Flexible deployment – The location for deploying an energy efficient datacentre is not dependent on the environmental temperature anymore. And we could even take it further, bringing datacentres closer to the locations or even integrated as part of an environment with a high demand of heat.

We have a mission to green the datacentre industry with Immersed Computing®. We love to contribute to the development of innovative datacentre and smart energy concepts with our partners and customers.

If you would like to support us in the Accenture Innovation Award competition you can do so by social voting here: https://innovation-awards.nl/innovation/immersed-computing/

Video on Immersed Computing®: http://asperitas.com/asperitas-immersed-computing/

Asperitas is an active participant of the Green IT Amsterdam consortium.