Referral Program

Help us find the 16% in the cloud & datacentre industry

Only 16% of the people could be described as innovators and early adopters we have been told. This group of people have a tremendous potential impact on the adoption success rate of innovations.

We are looking for the 16% in the datacentre and cloud industry. We all know them, but we do not know them all.

If you believe in our mission, greening datacentres and facilitating emerging technologies with Immersed Computing® anywhere, you can help us now.

You know someone who should know about our innovative technology, connect us and get rewarded!

We have started an initiative to do exactly this: the Asperitas Referral Program.



  1. Submit your contact details and your relation’s information;
  2. You will receive an automatic generated email with our contact information;
  3. Share our information with your relation;
  4. Your relation will contact us;
  5. We will get right on it, notify you when a deal came through and share the 1% deal reward with you.



The basic rules of this introduction scheme are simple:

  1. You have no employment contract with Asperitas (yet) nor with the client introduced by you.
  2. You introduce a prospect in person or you inspire the client to get in touch with us.
  3. The client acknowledges that you referred him/her to Asperitas and that there was no prior contact between Asperitas and the client.
  4. You will be eligible for up to 1% of the net deal value contracted in writing by Asperitas and the new Client for up to one year after the introduction.
  5. You subscribe to the terms of the agreement that goes with this introduction scheme as detailed in the Referral Fee Agreement.
  6. Subscription to this introduction scheme does not create any fee- or other financial obligation from Asperitas to the Referrer.

Referral Fee Agreement



We will only use the provided information for this referral program. For more information on the processing of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.